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Faulty air conditioning can be caused by many things, most of which can result in air-conditioning failure.  Radiators can deteriorate over time, leak and lead to engine failure in the worst case. Thermostats can stick and stop opening and closing as they are meant to.


Cooling System Pressure Test - From: $75

Your engine’s cooling system works best under pressure, a simple pressure test can identify whether your car’s cooling system is losing pressure which can be an indication of things more serious such as a blown cylinder head gasket.

Work Carried Out:
Pressurise cooling system and check for any leaks.  Price does not include replacement of cooling fluid. Recommended every 40,000km/48 months. Time Frame: 45 mins

Cooling System Flush - From: $125
Engine coolant deteriorates with age and loses its effectiveness, most modern engines require a corrosion inhibitor component of the coolant and it is important to change your coolant regularly to avoid any corrosion build up inside the engine that could compromise its cooling ability. Modern coolant has ‘anti-boil’ capability because of its high ‘glycol’ content, it is important to the life of your engine that your cooling system also receives attention at service time.

Work Carried Out:
Drain cooling system, high pressure flush to remove all contaminants and traces of old coolant, refill cooling system with new coolant and bleed. Test.  Recommended every 20,000km/24 months. Time frame: 1 hour


Air Conditioning Check - From: $25
Used to ascertain and diagnose any issues with your air conditioning.

Work Carried Out:
Check operation of air conditioning system, belts clutches and tensioner. Test. Recommended every 20,000km/24 months.  Time frame: 15 mins


Air Conditioning Service - From: $175
Service air conditioning system.

Work Carried Out:
Evacuate all old gas within AC system, replace receiver dryer, flush and re-fill with new gas and dye. Check for leaks and operation, test. Recommended every 40,000km/48mths.  Time frame: 1.30 hours

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